Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mason's Bend

Tuesday, June 2: Our second day in Hale County. Kelly and I set out to see as many of the Rural Studio structures as we can. We head north on Hwy. 14, left on county road 15, a few more turns and we're there: Mason's Bend. The first structure we see is the iconic Harris House, better known as "Butterly House," a second year project. As the elegantly drawn map, The World of the Auburn University Rural Studio, indicates, "Historically, the Rural Studio has accepted approximately fifteen 2nd year students per semester to design and build a charity home." This is the structure I saw in Smithsonian Magazine in 2001 that first alerted me to Sam Mockbee's work with the Rural Studio.

Just down the road is Glass Chapel, the structure that used car windshields to create a comtemplative space that's clearly used by members of the community.

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  1. wow, incredible looking buildings
    seems like a cool adventure