Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Found Object Archive

I also plan to find and document a minimum of 30 found objects, recording the time, place and context of where I find them along the way. This isn't exactly a part of the original project, but a part of an assignment I made to my students over the summer. I also said I'd do it, too.

What I'm looking for is stuff as mundane as scrap lumber to rusty bottle caps, rocks, broken toys, scraps of fabric, etc. The main idea is that the things I find need to "speak" to me somehow. My general rule of thumb: if I'm out on a walk and my eye rests on an object for more then 3 seconds, I need to pick it up.

As the Australian artist, Rosalie Gascoigne said about scrap, “Reap in what is useful to you. Beware of the nice things that you find that say nothing: they are like new wood from a hardware shop. I look for things that have been somewhere, done something." If you've never seen her work, a good place to start is

Nancy Reddin Kienholz, speaking of her late husband and collaborator, sculptor Ed Kienholz, who died June 10, 1994. "”He loved bartering. We went to flea markets all over the world. We would just wander aimlessly around and look for something that had magic – and then bring it home and fool with it."

So that's my plan: find and document objects from our journeys as another way to interpret the trip. Then I bring it all home and "fool with it."

NOTE: New link to Artsy's Keinholz page:

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